Meet the Gang

The Boss Lady


Hannah grew up in the coastal town of Sunny Sawtell on the mid-north coast of NSW. This is where her love for the great outdoors begun. Hannah then left to complete her degree in (Bachelor of Business in Tourism Management) before, she set off to explore Australia and the rest of the world. Hannah has spent the last 10 years in the corporate industry both here in Australia and London and like many Hannah burnt out. During Hannah’s travels overseas, she would take time out from the corporate world and spend time working as tour guide, taking groups to various European Festivals. 

Having recently returned to Australia, she has decided to make Newcastle her home. Hannah was quickly reminded by the beauty and history of the town, and saw the potential of what Newcastle has to offer and how she could be part of it. This lead to Pineapple Pedals opening here in Newcastle. Hannah has since taken the leap from the corporate world back into tourism and hopes that everyone who rides with Pineapple Pedals enjoys it as much as she does.

All of Pineapple Pedals bike names have been chosen by Hannah and have 

sentimental meaning.

She has created their own little personalities to add to the fun of the tour.

If you would like to ride one of them,

just let the team know when you book and we will try and ensure it happens. 

If the names intrigue you and you want find out the meaning behind the names, Hannah is happy to share their stories.

Just ask whilst on tour. 



The Leader of the Pack

Some would say he came from the wrong side of town and a little wild. Others would say he has a heart of gold and would do anything for you. Hannah even met him at the candy store and now they do everything together. They both want to ensure that your day out with Pineapple Pedals is a memorable one. Monty keeps the gang in line!



The Grandma of the Pack

Val is the Grandma of gang, but don’t let that fool you, Val think’s she is still 21 and has a zest for anything outdoors. True girl guide leader, she will ensure your day is one to remember but keeping the pace as your require.


Clappy J

The Connector

Clappy J is the connector for everyone coming together and having a good time. And no, Clappy J is not what some of you may be thinking. Clappy J has a gift of bringing old friends and new friends together and is always working to ensure you are all having a great time regardless of your destination. Take the challenge and see where Clappy J takes you.



Grandpa of the Pack

Norman is the Grandfather of the gang and Val’s partner in crime. He too is Jack of all trades and loves a nice cold one after hard day out on the road.Keep an eye on him as he loves throwing a line out and catching nothing, but nothing beats chilling by the water waiting for that bite. Don’t worry he can’t swim so he won’t pull you into the water but will happily ride alongside it. 



Girl from the Centre

Alice is full of surprises; she loves the colour red has a dry sense of humor and is rich in culture. She loves an adventure and will  open your eyes to hidden beauties. She can also be a little hot at times but knows where the best waterholes are. 



One of the Toolshed Member's

Hammer lives life to the fullest. She enjoys a good time and will make sure you enjoy yourself as well. People mistake her for a party animal (partially true) but trust me her heart is full and will take you under her pedal if you are feeling uneasy. She will encourage you to relax and enjoy your day out. When she does get with Drill, these two will allow you to let your hair down and take you on a fun field adventure. 



The Scottish One

Drill also lives life to the fullest and has traveled far from the Scottish boarders to come help explore the Aussie soil. She too can be mistaken for a party animal, but rest assure she too will look after you, she is some kind of Dr!! Only thing to watch out is when riding Drill her reversing skills can be bit a shady and you end up on the edge. Hammer is there to help Drill as Drill is to help Hammer. 



A friend everyone needs

Wang is the friends of friends. She lives life to the fullest and a risk taker. Don’t let that shiny look fool you. Her smile is infectious and she will even make you smile and show you how to laugh in the stickiest of situations. If you want a fun field day out pushing the boundaries, then Wang is your girl.