• Fully supported walk

  • 1-night in cabin style accommodation at Reflections Holiday Park Red Rock

  • 1-night accommodation twin share/single private Dorm at Woopi Backpackers

  • 1-night accommodation twin share Pacific Bay Resort

  • Dinner and Drinks for the first night during our meet and greet

  • Breakfast muffin to kick start your first morning.

  • Light snacks and fresh fruit to enjoy while you are walking, given daily.

  • Professionally guided by local guides

  • Transfers to Red Rock from Sawtell and Coffs Harbour


3.5 day walking tour

This walking tour was inspired of the El Camino de Santiago pilgrimage and designed for those looking for a pilgrimage guided multi-day walking experience, allowing you to walk to the beat of your own heart. We want to give you a taste of a pilgrimage experience here in Australia, this walk will push your comfort zones, yet be rewarding. We hope this tour will inspire you go onto other walks, even visit Spain and do your own El Camino de Santiago Pilgrimage when the time is right.

We highly encourage you to go at your own pace, walk alone or together, this is your journey and we want you to explore it your way. We will all end up at the same location at the end of the day. Where we will unwind rest our feet hear each other’s stories, smile, laugh and even cry (moan about the body aches).

You will be carrying your own packs, so we recommend you pack light, and carefully. There is a laundry facility at our second night accommodation if you wish to wash your walking clothes. See our ‘What to Pack’ page on what you should bring. Even better get in touch and will happily talk you through it.

The Solitary Islands have long enjoyed protection as nature reserves, surrounded by a marine park - a place where temperate and tropical waters meet. Along the coastline, parks and reserves safeguard a coastal trail of idyllic golden beaches, rocky headlands and lush rainforest. Where you will get to enjoy the 60km stretch over 3 days.

The best advice we were given, simple yet comforting:

‘If you are tired, rest. If you are hungry eat. If you are thirsty, Drink’.


We have carefully chosen three different types of accommodation for each of your nights, to allow you to get a pilgrim feel, with a touch of lux on the last night as a reward for your efforts.

Our Guides

Our Guides have been on similar journeys and they respect the path that you are on. They are purely there to help you through each day.

They are and committed to your safety and have a genuine desire to provide an enriching and memorable walking experience.

Hot Tips

  • You can choose to walk alone or part of the group. We don't mind.

  • If you wish to leave earlier you may do so, but please let our guide know.

  • If you feel a blister is coming, stop and address the irritated area before it becomes a blister.

  •  WATER (staying hydrated is important)

  • Please respect the land and environment. take your rubbish with you 

  • Walk to the beat of your Heart

  • Enjoy the Journey, the days are long and Kms.

Personalised Tours

Our tours are designed to be personal and intimate with a maximum group size of 10 people. Minimum of 6 per tour.

However, if you have a bigger group please contact us for details.

What to Bring

  • Pack light: 28-32L pack will be sufficient, best  with waist straps (support your back).

  • Breathable light weight covered in shoes

  • Determine if you are thin or thick sock person (break them in with your shoes before coming) bring 3-4 pairs

  • Thongs (flip flops), Basic Toiletries, light travel towel

  • Walking attire, tights, singlets, shirts (what ever you feel most comfortable walking in) 

  • Swimmers, Hat, sunscreen, blister packs/first aid kit

  • Clothes to wear each night, we recommend a nice outfit for the last night, i.e fold-able dress and shirt to wear on the last night.

  • Walking Poles or you can hire them from us $40(pair) or purchase from us $35(pair) must be advise prior to departure date.

  • Water bottle - we recommend one that can clip to the front of your pack. (you will drink more that way)


Please note: This is an exclusive tour and will only be held at certain times of the year. If you wish for a self-guided tour please email us:

Thursday 7th May 2020 to Sunday 10th May 2020 

Thursday 4th June 2020 to Sunday 7th June 2020


Please note: Prices include GST and based on a min of 6 people. If the tour books to capacity the price will be reduced.

From: $671 per person (Min of 6 people)

From: $625.90 - $614.90 per person (based on 10 people)

$250 Deposit to secure your spot. Pay final amount 30 days prior to departure


Day 0: You will be greeted by your guided at one of the 3 allocated pick up points. Then you we will make our way to Red Rock.

  1. Coffs Harbour Airport at 12:45pm. (Allowing time for the Qantas flight landing at 12:40pm).

  2. Sawtell: Out the Front of Sawtell Hotel at 13:15pm for a 13:30pm departure.

  3. City Centre eastern end of the Palm Centre near Office Works.

Alternatively, you can make your own way to Red Rock, please let us know in advance.

The afternoon is free for you to go and explore this little Gem of a Village, go for a swim or visit the Yarrawarra Aboriginal Cultural Centre.

We will be having a meet and greet BBQ Dinner from 5pm, You guide will give you a debrief of expectations over the next three days.  

At time of booking please advise of any dietary requirements. We do cater for most requests.

Day 1: Red Rock to Woopi (Woolgoolga) roughly 20km (Grade 3)

Today is the first day of your journey, we will be setting off between 6am – 6:30am. You will be feeling fresh, excited and keen to walk fast. Remember it is not a race, it’s a journey, walk to the beat of your own heart.

First Leg of the day is from Red Rock to Arrawarra Beach 10.2KM, during this section you will also walk through Corindi Beach. There is a local shop and picnic tables if you need to rest. The southern end of the beach is where you will arrive at Arrawarra. Great swimming spots if you want to refresh yourself before setting off.

Second leg of the day is to Safety Beach 5.8km, which is a beautiful stretch of the coastline. This located on the outskirts of Woopi, where we will be on the final stretch for the day with only 2.7km to go. We will be pulling up for the evening at Woopi Backpackers, where you can find yourself a nice cold refreshing beverage at Sam’s Place.

Friday evening there is a local acoustic artist performing at the backpackers. Great way to finish of the day.

We want you to help support local businesses, so you are free to find somewhere dinner if you choose. Our guide will give you some recommendations.

Be proud of yourself today. You have achieved a lot. Enjoy your drink and rest up for tomorrow is day two.

Day 2: Woopi to Charlesworth Bay (roughly 23km) Grade 3

Today is the middle day of your journey, where you will be feeling a little weary. But we must go on. Lots of more villages to explore allowing you to break up your day. You can stop for coffee and a snack. Today you will see the coastline in a different light the landscape will vary, and you may see whales off the headland as they migrate north. Plenty of local kangaroos out about that you may see.

Our Departure time will vary today as we need to be mindful of the tide as one of our last legs will be along the beach. Best to check with your guide if you wanted to depart at a different time to the others. This is also our longest day of walking, so it important to follow our moto.

‘If you are tired, rest. If you are hungry eat. If you are thirsty, Drink’.

Woolgoolga to Sandy Beach 4.8km, you can choose to stop, rest and grab a coffee from the local café in Emerald Beach or if you feeling in the rhythm of you walk, keep walking to Look At Me Now Headland 4km. From here to Moonee Beach 5.5km. Where we will stop for lunch and rest up for the final stretch of the day Moonee Beach to Hills Beach 7km, which will lead us down on to the home stretch Charlesworth Bay 1.5km.

Where will be staying at Pacific Bay Resorts. This will be our last night together as a group, where we can all have dinner together and talk about our day. They have a pool and Tranquility Spa if you want to have a massage. Great to help with muscle recovery.

You can decide closer to the trip if you want to go to the Spa and we can let the Resort know. You will need to pay at time of the treatment.

As you have walked over 40km and your body will be feeling it, we recommend having a little outfit to make you feel special to wear to dinner.

You should be extremely proud of yourself even more today. Well Done.

Day 3: Charlesworth Bay to Sunny Sawtell (roughly 17km) Grade 3

Home stretch day, this is the final day of your journey. Where you will see yourself walk like you have never walked before. The leaving times will depend on the tides, as the last leg will be along the beach.

We will set off from our Resort down along to Charlesworth Bay to commence our first leg to Park Beach Reserve 4.5km.  This walk is stunning in the early morning especially if you watch the sunrise as you walk. From here we will walk to Coffs Jetty 1.4km, where the Coffs Markets will be on, you can buy a coffee, purchase gifts from the locals.


We will then set off for our final leg Coffs Boambee Headland 8km, this stretch is also one of best coastlines on the east coast of Australia. You will see locals in their 4wd drives driving along the beach to find the best fishing spot, or to set up for the day at Boambee Headland. You can even have a swim at Boambee Bay Reserve. We will cross over the train bridge and walk up and over the headland to view the home straight (Sawtell).

We will all finish off the tour for a well-deserved lunch at one of your guides favourite cafes/restaurants. This is where your tour will conclude but hopefully this is the beginning of many more walking journeys.

If you wish to stay another night in Sawtell or Coffs Harbour, please let us know and we can provide you with recommendations.

Thank you for choosing us on your Journey, we hope your physical and spiritual muscles will become rejuvenated.